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Purveyors of all organic or wildharvested herbs, mountain medicinals, salves, local produce, teas, mountain knowledge, and all things folk.

Fresh Local Produce Boxes

Farming is just in our blood. But to think we can do it all alone is sheer madness. We are a community, and communities need to remember to support each other. Folk Apothics have partnered up with a number of very local small and mid size farmers to bring you a very special weekly produce box. Packed to the brim with in-season produce picked on the morning of pickup, these boxes also contain a seasonal fruit, a carefully crafted canned good, and something from the bakery. Each farmer specializes in a couple of items and we rise before dawn each Wednesday to visit them person and collect their bounty. Folk then packages everything in a box and has it ready for local pickup by 12:30 pm. There are no season or half season long commitments. Our boxes are $40 per week. You can pre-order for a single week or a month if you'd like. Each box helps support these small farming families within your own community. Every item within comes form a radius of 35 miles....all found within these hills and hollers. Email us at to reserve your very special and very locally grown/made produce box OR order through to have it delivered directly to your door for a small fee.
Pickup is at our new location: 2984 Mobile Road, McCaysville Georgia at Deep Roots Orchard.

Old Rube's Kitchen was always stocked with herbs a-plenty. We believe that home cookin' is always better seasoned to perfection with good wholesome flavors. Always made with love.

Workshops and classes throughout each month focusing on the dwindling art of Appalachian herbalism, its culture, and its people.

Over 20 classes per week in all levels at North Georgia's largest yoga studio, the only 200 and 300 RYT in North Georgia, Thai Bodywork, Traditional and Bamboo Massage, Ayruvedic consultation.

The Folk Appalachian Foundation

The culture within the hills and hollers of Appalachia is truly unique. The music, food, speech, spirit, and determination that resides in this vast and remote area is a testament to the American spirit and survival. But it is true that if knowledge and craft aren't passed down, it will be forgotten forever. It only takes 3 generations. All cultures have skeletons, Appalachia has a few, but there is also beauty, simplicity, hard work, art, and sustainability that needs to remain alive for future generations.
We created The Folk Appalachian Foundation, a 501(c)3 for just that reason.
Our goal is to create a working history and education center focused on keeping the crafts, trades, music, and the good parts of Appalachian culture alive.
We have found a wonderful piece of land that has a decent sized old appalachian orchard already on it. Our goal is to purchase this land, maintain the orchard, construct additional buildings in the traditional Appalachian style for educational and historical purposes, offer continual workshops and classes incorporating a plethora of the trades found across these mountains.
Your donation, however great or small, will go 100% to helping this foundation grow and employ Appalachian people, and keep a valuable and underappreciated culture alive for generations to come.

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Things y'all need to know

We are not doctors. This means that we do not diagnose, treat, cure or even make claims that the products listed on this site do either. These products are not approved by the FDA and if you hear us speak of old mountain medicines, it is simply referring to a point in history where the government didn't have as much control and when people weren't lawsuit happy. We do walk amongst the trees, watch the signs in nature, speak to people, and spend time among the plants to gain a natural knowledge to assist those who seek.

At this time, we are taking measures to ensure the health of our community is a top priority. If you decide to visit our store please be advised that a mask must be worn at all times, a distance of six feet must be maintained between customers, there are no public restrooms available, and we ask that you keep contact with items to a minimum whenever possible. If you or someone you know has been sick, please do not come into the store until the you have been symptom free for the 14 day recommended period.
Thank-you for your understanding.

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